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Whether it's a driveway and patio or pool. area for a brand new build, a renovation project, or replacing existing concrete, we've got you covered. Our skilled team specialises in residential, civil, and commercial projects, bringing years of experience to the table.

When it comes to constructing concrete that lasts and with minimal risk of cracks, we're the professionals you can trust. We understand that proper construction techniques are crucial for long-term durability.

With our vast knowledge in all forms of decorative concrete, we can bring your vision to life with a wide range of designer finishes. Whether you're looking for a stunning driveway, a beautiful patio, or a luxurious pool area, we have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding results.


Choose us for your new concrete construction needs on the Gold Coast, and let us create a durable and visually appealing space for you.


These are the most popular finishes we construct and in some cases apply.  Some finishes like exposed aggregate are extremely hard-wearing and perfect for driveways and commercial areas that take very high traffic, while others can be tailored to suit the colours and design of just about any project.


These finishes can be used on their own or in conjunction with other finishes to create unique looks that can make your project really shine.  

Exposed Aggregate OSM Concrete_edited.jpg

Exposed Aggregate is concrete that has the surface of the finished concrete “exposed” to reveal the aggregates in the concrete. It is very popular throughout Australia for its hardwearing surface and it is especially suited to driveways and high traffic areas.

Things to remember with Exposed Aggregate:

  • It is a natural product; therefore it is expected to get some inconsistencies within a job.  The stone density, depth of exposure and colour of stones do vary even within small concrete slabs.  This natural variation is part of the reason it is so popular.

  • It is a messy job. The surface of the concrete has a surface retardant sprayed on the concrete when the concrete is still in its plastic state, which stops the surface from hardening. Once hard enough, the surface is then water blasted off to reveal the aggregate. Although all care is taken, it is still a messy job. Our team do a thorough clean up but some mess is to be expected.

  • Environtmental costs.  Extra costs are sometimes involved including the cost of a sucker truck to remove slurry from the wash off of the surface so as to avoid slurry washing down the drains on the street.  This will vary with each project.

Coloured mineral oxide powders can be added to the concrete at the batching plant and the entire mix of the concrete is coloured.  This is a very long-lasting finish, which is growing rapidly in popularity because it is a very hardwearing surface that will last without being sealed.

Things to remember with Coloured Concrete:

  • It is a natural product. The concrete does look very mottled. which evens out over time. Due to concrete being very porous, it will change colour through moisture ingress from both on top and underneath the slab. For many people, this is what they find attractive about it.

  • The colour may not look exactly like what you have chosen. Because the concrete is made from natural sand and stone. The concrete itself can change colour from day to day, even load to load of concrete. What you have seen in a photo or in a display should be used as a guide only. It is NOT paint. Please consider this carefully when making a decision on choosing your finish.


Even though Decorative Concrete is where we shine, we still do more removal and relaying of plain concrete than just about anything else.  Although it is not the most decorative finish available, it is a super hardwearing surface that requires very little or no maintenance.

Things to remember with Plain Concrete:

  • Concrete is a natural product and cures over a period of a few months. This curing does not occur evenly. It is expected that your new concrete will have a very mottled look. Some jobs are much more so than others. This is far more apparent with plain and coloured concrete.

  • When plain concrete is laid it does look very bright. Over time the surface does break down and fade to grey like the old driveways and paths you see around the City.

  • It is a great cost-saving option for rear paths and service areas on your property.  Save on your build or renovation by using plain concrete instead of other more expensive options where they aren't so visible.

Stamped or imprinted concrete has been a popular finish since the 1970s. With the large selection of colours and the growing catalogue of patterns and textures to choose from, there is a look to suit all projects.

Stamped concrete is the process of colouring freshly laid concrete, then when the concrete is at the appropriate stage of hardening, a powder or liquid release agent is applied to the surface of the concrete.  It is then “stamped” using a textured and or patterned rubber mold (stamp), which is chosen by you before work has begun.  In the following days, once the concrete has hardened, one of our team will return and wash off excess release agent. The concrete is then sealed to protect and also enhance the appearance of the new concrete.

Things to remember with Stamped Concrete:

  • It does cost more than other finishes due to the extra labour and higher cost of products involved.

  • It does require slightly more maintenance than other finishes. Because it has the release powder on the surface, this needs to be protected by the sealer to stop the colour from wearing out. On driveways, this needs to repeat every 1-3 years depending on the amount of traffic.

concrete overlay.jpg

Concrete Resurfacing” or a “Concrete Overlay”, is a very durable, versatile and hard-wearing product used to resurface concrete for both interior and exterior applications. It is made up of high strength cement, selected sands and top quality polymer resins and is a permanent surface.

It is a great way to tie in new and existing concrete areas where a uniform finish is desired.

There are many brands on the market under different labels, but they all do pretty much the same thing. At OSM Concrete we are experienced in most of the brands available.

Things to remember with Resurfaced Concrete:

  • It is a separate system applied over your concrete so it does come at a higher cost than other finishes.

  • Motifs, logos and custom designs can be added.

  • Because it is a separate system, new concrete needs to cure for a period it can be resurfaced. This can extend construction timelines compared to other finishes.

A Rock Salt finish is a lesser-known finish that creates the look of aged concrete. While the concrete is still in a slightly soft state, salt is broadcast over the concrete and then pressed into the surface.

The following day, the salt is removed by a pressure washer leaving a pitted surface.

Colour can and is most often added to the concrete to create more depth.

Things to remember with Rock Salt Concrete:

  • A rock salt finish can be used in bands and highlights to add more visual interest.

  • It can be used in conjunction with seamless stamped concrete to create an extreme look of rock.



Sealing decorative concrete prevents water from penetrating the concrete. Water erosion is one of the main causes of concrete deterioration over time. Sealing also keeps out salt, chemicals, dirt, and plant growth.

In the case of Exposed Aggregate Concrete, sealing with a concrete sealer helps prevent the stones from loosening over time by creating a barrier between the aggregate and the elements.


Thus it will extend the life of the concrete.

Take the time to have a good look through our gallery of past projects to see if there is something in there that will work with your project. 


Also, when you are ready, If you can provide us with plans  (if you have any), photos of the area/s or a rough measure of the area to be constructed, we can provide you with a pretty close estimate for you without tying up a whole lot of your precious time.

We really look forward to hearing from you about your project.

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