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Driveway Replacement And A Pool Area Revamp In Elanora

The team just finished up works on this project in Elanora a while back.

The plan was to remove the existing asphalt driveway which had major cracking throughout and drainage problems with falls running the wrong way into the house in a couple of spots.

The pool area also needed a serious revamp with an existing surface having been allied years back that had worn all over and many cracks.


The asphalt driveway was excavated and removed . Once this was done, we regraded the driveway to take the water run off away from the house.

The existing downpipes had no connection to a stormwater line, so we ran new lines under the driveway to take the water away and connected up to the stormwater line.

All areas were then prepared including an extension to the pool area and a fire pit area for the family to enjoy.

The new driveway and fire pit area was them placed in a black and white exposed aggregate. this was done over consecutive days juggling the weather.

Plain concrete was laid to the pool area extension ready for resurfacing.

This first stage was done over four days.

Once the plain concrete to the pool area had sufficiently cured, we then returned and applied a tile finish design to the pool area.

The clients were over the moon with the result, as were we.


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