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How To Jazz Up A Pool Area With Coloured Concrete

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We recently completed this patio area in Hollywell for a young couple renovating their 1970’s property. They wanted a clean look to complement their contemporary look they were after for the reno and also a finish that would be good underfoot.

After talking the pros and cons of different finishes and the costs, they settled on a Coloured Concrete with large decorative cuts.


There was an existing paved area under their pergola.

The plan of attack was to…

- Remove the existing pavers.

- Re-grade to the correct falls.

- Install a new strip drain and connect up to the stormwater line.

- Pour the new patio area in a Smokey Blue coloured concrete with a sponged finish.

- Add geometric, decorative cuts to add visual interest.


Day 1:

The height of the existing ground was lowered to attain the correct levels below the house floor level for compliance. Soil was used up onsite to backfill around the pool to save in removal costs for the owners.

Formwork was set and steel reinforcing added ready for new concrete.

Day 2:

Concrete was placed and finished. Some expansion cuts added at strategic points to relieve stress on the new slab to limit the chance of cracking.

Day 3:

A couple of days later we returned to drip

Formwork, add more expansion and decorative cuts and a thorough clean up was also completed.

The job came up wry clean and sharp and the owners were stoked with the outcome. . All the best for the rest of your reno guys 👍😎

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