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Adding Decorative Cuts To Your Concrete To Add Style

Updated: May 26, 2023

Upgrading the look of your new concrete can be as simple as having decorative cuts added at the time of placing your new concrete.

The cuts add a real contemporary feel and make an area that could look otherwise bland, look very attractive.

This is a cost effective upgrade that can be added to either coloured concrete or even plain concrete at a low cost compared to the aesthetic value it adds.

For this project, we went a step further. The architect incorporated the cuts into what was a big open gray space we had poured. We then returned and applied a concrete overlay in a sprayed texture in contrasting colours. Usually the only way to achieve this look would be to pour separate colours of concrete, which would exponentially higher in labour and overall costs.

We typically add standard cuts that are narrow (3mm in width), but then give the illusion of a wider cut using a special tool that gives a beveled edge. This makes the cuts standout, but avoids having to add any filler or grout to the cuts.

How could you make your space look far more attractive just by adding geometric lines to it?? Have a think about upgrading your space with decorative cuts.

We are here for you to bounce your ideas off.

OSM Concrete

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