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Terracotta Coloured Concrete To Make A Patio Pop!

Updated: May 11, 2022

This rear patio area was a drab overgrown area that the client couldn’t use because of a combination of drainage problems and the lack of hard surfaces.


Our scope was to excavate the patio area, adding new drainage lines in the garden.

We were to construct the new patio area in terracotta colour and add decorative cuts to give more visual interest and create a clean modern look.

There was also a small area by the front entry that needing slight extending in exposed aggregate that we were to try and match up to.


The rear was excavated to depth creating the new falls to the garden area. This created a flat surface more suitable for tables and chairs. We added surface drains to the garden area to take the run off from the patio and from the retaining wall behind her property.

New concrete was laid to front and rear. Then once the concrete was at a hard amount stage, we add the decorative cuts at 1m centres.

The job came out beautiful. The lovely client was very happy. The team did a great job 👏😁

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