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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT - Amart Springwood

Updated: May 26, 2023

Just recently our team completed the second stage of resurfacing at Smart in Springwood.

The large front entry to the building was a mess of different finishes and the design team were looking for a cost effective, hard-wearing and great looking finish to give a great first impression to customers... Enter OSM Concrete!


The existing surface was a combination of new concrete, old plain concrete and hundreds of metres if a very old and damaged exposed aggregate.

The plan was to prepare the surface, resin any cracks and then use our exposed resurfacing system to bring the surface back to flat. After this we would apply our decorative finish, which is then sealed to protect and enhance the colour of the new surface.


Step 1: Preparation

The surface was prepared with a combination of high pressure cleaning, patching and minor repairs.

Cracks were epoxies ready to for the new surfaces.

Step 2: Base Coating

The surface was then layered using our exposed resurfacing system in a concrete grey colour to create a neutral tone for the decorative finish.

Step 3: Apply Decorative Finish

Our sprayed decorative finish was then applied. A combination of light grey, black and white were chosen to crest a neutral tone which is very on-trend right now.

Step 4: Sealing

Once all the protective masking was removed and all clean up around the site is done, the concrete was all sealed using a a solvent based acrylic sealer.

Note: There are many different sealers available on the market that have different properties, but a solvent based acrylic is hard to beat for client affordability, ease of re-application and performance for its cost. We find it is exceptional value for The customer.


The project came up great and the customer was stoked, as were we.

If you have a project like this, reach out to us, or if you have someone you know that might benefit from our services, please share! We would love to hear from you 😁


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