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Multiple Concrete Problems Remedied

Updated: May 26, 2023

This project was wrapped up just recently in the Oyster Cove Estate located in Helensvale.

The customer contacted us with multiple issues and was hoping we could come up with solutions for her. The problems she had included:-

Drainage Problems

Her lawn area by the front door flooded and was always very damp, even in drier months. Plus when she had any significant rain it would flood onto the front path.

Drainage pits needed to be added to the lawn area to catch the water.

Sunken Front Path

The front path which had significantly sunk, needed to be removed. It isnt always the case that removal is necessar, but the underlying problem was that the base underneath was in bad shape.

A Poorly Done Resurfacing Job Prior

The driveway and entry had an existing resurfacing job done that was flaking in many areas and had been poorly applied. There was very noticeable grinder marks plus no attempt had been made to fill any cracks - of which there many.

The Tile Borders and Motif

The customer hated the old fashioned border and tile motif in the driveway. It looked very dated and the resurfacing had been poorly done leading into the tiles with areas lifting around the tiles.

The Strategy & The Execution

1. Remove and replace the front path

The front path was demolished and removed. The soft base was addressed by adding a layer of compacted hardfill. this also gave us access to the stormwater line to connect new drainage for the lawn area.

New concrete was pinned into the existing slabs and the concrete poured at the new raised level, ready for the resurfacing to follow.

2. Existing Concrete Surface Removed

The tiles were removed and then the existing surface was ground back. In this instance it was done by grinding.

Where the existing tiles were. A special high strength bonded mix was used to fill the low spots.

3. All Concrete Resurfaced

Once all the existing tiles were removed and filled, we filked The cracks with an epoxy resin and then applied a resurfacing layer to smooth out the surface ready for the final stages.

The customers chose a white coloured grout line and a brick red 600 x 600mm tile running parallel to the house for her finish.

This was then sealed to protect the new surface.

4. Drainage Added To Lawn Area

Box drains were then added to the lawn area to catch the run off from the rain.

When cutting and connecting to the stormwater, we noticed that her stormwater line completely full, water was squirting back out the pipe.

We helped organise a plumber to fix the problem (a tree root had grown into the pipe close to the street preventing water getting out).

Now all water drains away beautifully.

Lawn area was cleaned up as was the whole site.

5. Job Complete

It was a great result overall. The customer was over the moon with the result and us having remedied all those problems without having to engage multiple companies to get the project done.

Great work guys 💪😁

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