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Concrete Driveway Extended - Then A New Surface To All

Updated: May 26, 2023


This project in Upper Coomera had an existing exposed aggregate concrete driveway which the owner wanted to have widened. He also had a section leading to the rear on the right hand side of the driveway that had pavers he wanted remove to also have concrete laid in it's place.

He wanted an abstract design with colours that would go with the colours of his roof an guttering.

After playing around with some ideas and making some suggestions, we came up with a plan to use the design as shown in the image above.

The plan was to:-

- Excavate and remove the existing pavers and soil to the driveway

- Form the new driveway in line with fence.

- Lay the new concrete in plain concrete with a brushed finish, ready for the new surface.

- Return and resurface new and old concrete to match.


Day 1:

Excavation was done early in the morning. Followed by formwork and sub-grade. Steel dowels were drilled an set into the existing concrete and mesh placed and tied.

Concrete was in by 10.30 followed by some quick finishing by Cadyn who was a real gun on the stick trowel and edger.

By 1pm we were all done. Tooled expansion cuts were added on the day to take any stress on the slab.

Concrete was then left to cure until we then returned for the resurfacing.

DAY 2:

After leaving the concrete to cure for an adequate number of days, we were back to resurface the old and new. The concrete was pressure cleaned and hit with the grinder where necessary. Cracks were filled with epoxy and then the driveway was flattened using the OSM system bringing the surface to a flat finish ready for the decorative finish.

DAY 3:

An early start had us back on the concrete putting down the base coat which would end up being the black grout line. Amos (my youngest son), was on school holidays so he was on board helping the team out.

By late morning, we were templating with the owners input and approval and were spraying the final finish straight after.

The owner decided on a really smart looking charcoal dominant colour with a black and white fleck. This is by far our most popular colour we apply and you can see by the images, why.

All in all the job came up flawless. The owner (who was a top bloke) was over the moon. It's great when a plan comes together.

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